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Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy is a type of massage using specially heated stones, combined with Swedish-style massage movements, which tries to promote healing properties for both skin and muscles.

Hot stone massage is an ancient practice originating thousands of years ago from the Far East. Over the last few years it has been re-discovered and has become very popular.
Special smooth stones are heated to a comfortably warm temperature prior to treatment. This treatment can be given in several different ways, but one way is to being with you being wrapped in a towel and invited to lie down on several warm, smooth stones arranged and possible also covered with a towel, for your comfort. While the heat penetrated your body, you will be given a Swedish style massage, probably with aromatherapy oils. The stones should be hot and relaxing. Hot stones will be used to massage arms legs and back. Often a light head massage is included.

The theory is that the heat from the stones helps to increase your heart rate and helps to regulated blood flow. Stiff joints benefit from the penetrating heat, making this an excellent choice after exercise or any physical work. Hot stone therapy is also used to try to help relieve stress, depression, PMT and is also used for some skin disorders.

The whole treatment is both relaxing and revitalising and is said to clear the body's energy channels to promote wellbeing and good health. One thing most people say after a hot stone therapy session is that they sleep deeper and awake refreshed.