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The Lodge Clinic Physiotherapists

To book a Physiotherapy appointment, please call  reception at the Lodge Clinic, Nantwich
on 01270 610288

Who benefits from Physiotherapy??

Anyone can benefit from treatment to relieve pain and improve movement, allowing the body to function more efficiently. Physiotherapy also helps to restore normal posture and alignment to prevent recurrence, and aid recovery.

What Conditions can be treated?

Physiotherapists can treat almost all conditions which have one or more of the following symptoms; pain, stiffness, weakness or reduced range of movement.

What can I expect when I receive treatment??

During the initial consultation a thorough subjective assessment and full examination will be carried out. From the information collected and observed, we aim to provide each patient with a diagnosis of their condition. From this, a personalised treatment plan with time phases will be prescribed to each individual, along with a likely prognosis. Every stage of the treatment will be discussed with you. The treatment effects will continuously be monitored and adjusted accordingly, to ensure that the agreed and realistic goals can be achieved.

How many treatments will I need??

No condition has a set number of treatment sessions, as every patient is an individual. At the end of your initial consultation, the physiotherapist will discuss the anticipated number of treatment sessions you require, but these will be reassessed at the end of every treatment session.

Will I be expected to do anything in between treatments??

YES. To achieve optimal recovery it is important to work in partnership. Each patient is given advice and personalised exercises to carry out between each treatment session. The home exercise and advice given to you to carry out between the treatment sessions, is just as important as the treatment received from the physiotherapist, in order to optimise and accelerate the recovery process.

What is Electrotherapy?

Electrotherapy includes Ultrasound, Interferential Therapy and Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). These modalities help to relieve pain and promote the healing process.

Should I stop my sports activity if I have suffered an injury??

The Physiotherapist will advise you on necessary periods of rest, exercise etc. during the assessment.

Do I have to be referred by a doctor?

NO, anyone can refer themselves to a Physiotherapist for treatment.
What should I wear? Dress comfortably in loose fitting clothes. The Physiotherapist will need to see the affected area. For neck and back problems the therapist will require you to remove your top, and for lower limb problems, please bring or wear shorts.

Should I have medical notes and X-rays at hand??

Yes. Any relevant information you have about your condition along with any other relevant medical history will help the Physiotherapist make an informed assessment.

Is my Physiotherapist fully qualified?

?All Chartered Physiotherapists will have the letters MCSP and HPC after their names. You can check that the physiotherapist treating you is registered by consulting the HPC online register and type their name to check their current registration status.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy treatment techniques are aimed at removing muscular, joint and nerve symptoms. They restore normal function and mobility and provide patients with skills to help manage their problem long term. Our physiotherapistsí use a hands on approach to treatment using a wide variety of manual skills and extensive knowledge of exercise therapy to help you recover from either acute or chronic injuries. Their extensive training in injury mechanism, pathology and rehabilitation allows them to provide the most reliable and evidence based advice and treatment for musculoskeletal disorders.

If you have ever had a stroke, joint injury or some other condition that caused you to lose some or all of your functional movement, you would most likely have been referred to a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy deals with restoring and maintaining functional movement in individuals throughout the lifespan. Such movement may be compromised through aging, sickness, disease or injury.

Call 01270 610288 for advice or to make an appointment!

Physiotherapy is concerned with enhancing mobility and quality of life by using clinical reasoning to deliver the most suitable treatment for an injury or condition.

At The Lodge Clinic Physiotherapy we are here to help YOU gain as much movement and physical independence as possible so YOU can resume YOUR lifestyle, unaffected by soreness and pain.

Our highly trained physiotherapists assess, diagnose and treat YOUR unique condition. We also deliver meaningful diagnosis and help YOU avoid injuries and maintain a fit, healthy body.

Physiotherapy is concerned with the physical, psychological, emotional and social well being of the individual. As such the benefits of physiotherapy are many and varied. For the individual suffering from cardiopulmonary disorders (COPD) physiotherapy can help the person regain condition through supervised ambulation and manual therapy to assist in clearing lung secretions. In orthopaedic cases, like hip or knee surgery, physiotherapy can train a person how to use an assistive device to ambulate safely until he/she can walk independently without a device. Strengthening exercises also form part of the treatment to help regain lost strength. Neurological disorders like stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and others also respond well to physiotherapy.

Our physiotherapists field of expertise is the treatment of muscular and skeletal related disorders. They are highly skilled and experienced in treating musculoskeletal injuries and will provide you with an accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and comprehensive advice for managing your injury. During your consultation you will receive a thorough assessment. Following this, your diagnosis and treatment options are clearly explained to you. Your treatment is chosen from a wide range of physical modalities demonstrated to reduce pain and disability in your particular presentation. Along with hands-on treatment and rehabilitation exercise you will receive advice on how to best manage your injury at home or work, speeding up your recovery and minimizing the risk of recurrence. Together with appropriate medical care our skilled therapists will help you achieve the best possible outcome when suffering from musculoskeletal problems.

In helping to rehabilitate the patient, a physiotherapist makes use of a lot of different modalities to achieve the desired outcome. Hot packs may be used to treat pain and loosen tight muscles in preparation for exercise. Cold packs also help to relieve pain while other modalities like TENS, E-stim, ultrasound and laser treatment help get rid of pain and trigger points that cause pain.

A physiotherapist can sometimes work as a part of a team of rehabilitation specialists all working together for the benefit of the patient.

Patient safety is a major issue in physiotherapy. A patient who is unsafe in his/her ambulation or in using a walker or some other assistive device is a patient who is prone to recurring injury. To ensure your safety, we take much care to train you in the proper methods of transferring from one area to another and in the safe way to use an assistive device. We also make recommendations on the best type of mobility aids for your condition. Training in the proper way to exercise and in the use of exercise equipment also fall within the domain of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is extremely effective for soft tissue strains and tears including muscle and joint related injuries. It is also very effective when there is a pinched or irritated nerve. Problems may be related to a wide variety of causes including high velocity sporting injuries , overstrains, repeated or postural overload type injuries or biomechanical related problems. Our Physiotherapists ability to diagnose the pathology and relate it to the mechanism of injury is one of the most significant advantages Physiotherapists offer.

It is an extensive list of injuries that we treat and the following are just a few of the things that we see. Remember that you are best to speak with one of our Physios directly and they will be able to quickly assess whether it will be effective for you.

Some conditions:-

Low back pain, disc injuries, sciatica, thoracic pain. neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, pinched nerves, whip lash, wry neck, jaw pain, shoulder impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears, bursitis, muscular tears and strains, overuse injuries, ligament tears, arthritic joints, tennis and golfers elbow, occupational injuries, sporting injuries and many , many more!

Call 01270 610288 for advice or to make an appointment!

Andy Leach is the resident Physiotherapist at the Lodge Clinic, Nantwich.

Andy Leach qualified with an Honours Degree in Physiotherapy from The Royal London Hospital in 1985 and over the past 30 years has worked locally in the NHS, professional and amateur sport, industry and private practice gaining a wealth of experience in the assessment and treatment of back and neck pain, soft tissue injuries, joint problems and all sort of aches and pains.

Andy spent 15 years in the NHS specialising in spinal problems and working closely with Spinal surgeons and other healthcare professionals, Andy developed a comprehensive ability to manage all types of spinal problems incorporating a range of techniques including soft tissue release, joint mobilisation and bespoke exercise plans to allow resolution of symptoms without the need for surgical intervention.

Andy has worked in sport locally with professional and amateur football, rugby, tennis, American football and hockey teams providing pitch side care and dealing with the acute management and longer term rehabilitation of sporting injuries. Andy is currently Head Physiotherapist to The New Saints Football Club who are the Champions of the Welsh Premier League.

He has worked locally in Industry at Bentley Motors, Air Products and Michelin Tyres providing ergonomic assessment and advice on the shop floor and offering early intervention assessment and treatment to problems caused by the demands of the working environment.